Vintage Car and Machinery Museum
visplašākā privātā auto kolekcija Baltijā * apciemo - nenožēlosi!
*photo gallery* There are more than 15 vehicles in the collection of the motor cars.The oldest of the exhibits is  the model of MAXWELL 25 which dates back to 1923. A real curiosity is  ZIS 110B – the limousine of the highest class during the times of the Soviet Union. The makes of VOLGA, ZHIGULI and MOSKHVICH that used to be popular in the 60s and the 70s of the 20th century seem exotic today to the young people. Some people built motor cars themselves during Soviet Times. One of such vehicles can be viewed in the exhibition of the museum. The car was registered and took part in the traffic.

*photo gallery*
The motorcycles which were often seen on the roads of Latvia in the 50s and the 60s of the last century IZH-350, IZH-49, M1M and K-58 are on display, too. The M1M and the K-58 were later known as Minsk and Kovrovec. However, the motorcycles of the BMW make were seen much less. One of them is in the museum. That is BMW R71. A very popular model at the time which overtook its competitors for ten years. It was used as a model  for the Soviet EMKA (M-72 model).

*photo gallery*